Hi, I'm Amantha

I’m the 5:00 a.m. studio painter, fearlessly splashing together the cheeriest yellows with the brightest turquoises the world’s ever seen. It’s not just about painting, though oh, how I love painting. It’s about tapping into that distilled, concentrated energy of life, letting it light the corners, and freeze-framing it so it can be framed & hung. 

Consider me endlessly excited. Addicted to joy. And a fierce believer that every little thing is going to turn out for the best. After all, any missteps, hiccups, or hurt become our strength, our beauty, and those blinding positives that propel us up

Ultimately, I paint as if I’m being chased, working on roughly eleventy billion projects at once. I cover every surface of the floor and tables with art, because I live to be surrounded by the energy I love. 

More About Amantha

indulge your passion for Rapturous color.

Each piece of art is a bold face dare. A bright pop of color lighting the way to FUN, wiggling its eyebrows, encouraging you to LEAN IN --- To roll those windows down on the freeway and belt out the beginning of an off-key melody --- and to let joy bounce into every SINGLE crevice of your soul.

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