About Amantha

With color, paint and bold brush strokes, I want to trample darkness with Love. Joy. Optimism and Happiness. My paintings are a dare to overtake the forces that repress us and to rise up and dominate with positivity.

Every painting and every color choice is a bold statement, telling the world that I am not neutral: I side with inclusivity, diversity and love.

You Deserve joy

Ultimately, art is undoubtedly a dare. To allow yourself to laugh—loudly, and shamelessly. To give yourself permission to let your liveliness loose in a field of hot pink wildflowers. And to realize, then accept, that you deserve pure, undiluted joy.

Uniquely Different

In painting I have found endless exuberance is pairing together feelings that create snippets of joy, ready to be enjoyed. Once upon a time, my mom begged me to start wearing color.

I didn’t, but I paint with it a lot, each new line and splash a homage to home and the beginnings of a window into our resilience, hope, and heart.

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