These are bold, loud, opinionated works of optimism that grow out of my passionate desire to drown out the negativity and darkness and absurd bullying that are heaped on us at an ever-increasing rate and ear-splitting volume.

With color, paint and bold brush strokes, I want to trample darkness with Love. Joy. Optimism and Happiness. My paintings are a dare to overtake the forces that repress us and to rise up and dominate with positivity.

Every painting and every color choice is a bold statement, telling the world that I am not neutral: I side with inclusivity, diversity and love.

I approach each painting as a celebration of life - seeking out colors and shapes that express joy, happiness or overcoming hardship. Often choosing a candy-colored palette brings a reminder of sweet joys of childhood. Vibrant pinks and greens are a reminder that joy is ahead.

I begin each painting with a bold and energetic brush stroke or shape that will inform the overall composition of the finished work. My brushes and painting tools range from large traditional art brushes to simple house painting brushes and sponges. Layering colors and shapes over and alongside each other creates an energetic field of forms that work together in wild harmony.


In painting I have found endless exuberance is pairing together feelings that create snippets of joy, ready to be enjoyed. Once upon a time, my mom asked me to wear yellow to her funeral. I didn’t, but I paint with it a lot, each new line and splash a homage to home and the beginnings of a window into our resilience, hope, and heart.

My current work has lit up rooms at the Massachusetts State House and Cary Memorial Library, not to mention quite a few national exhibitions. And lemme tell you: getting to sprinkle around that seemingly untouchable spirit of life totally lights my fire. 


Ultimately, art is undoubtedly a dare. To allow yourself to laugh—loudly, and shamelessly. To give yourself permission to let your liveliness loose in a field of hot pink wildflowers. And to realize, then accept, that you deserve pure, undiluted joy.





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