The Inspiration Behind "Finding The Way"

Did you always think that life was going to be a straight line? That you'd figure out where you wanted to end up and then just tick off all the boxes and - ta da! - you'd automatically be where you wanted to end up? 

That was my thought process - I figured I'd do everything I was supposed to do and then would be spit out the other side of a long tunnel and be shot right into the middle of the life of my dreams. And then I found out that that's not how it works! (Why didn't you tell me sooner?) Not only was the trip going to be much more convoluted and confusing and often distressing - but that destination was not my original intention. It is actually much, much better than I had hoped. But the process was far more challenging than I'd dreamed. 

In celebration of the crazy journey, I've made "Finding The Way". An affordable risograph print in fluorescent pink and yellow tracks our trip to the sunny part of life. Get it here.

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