Happy Art For Your Home Office

You'll be not at all shocked to hear that most of my collectors are sprucing up their offices and I'm tickled to hear that they are choosing to bring joy into their workspace with my art!

I just received another email from a happy owner who told me that she is redoing her office and that her new painting is going in a prominent spot. She says that the painting makes her happy and it brightens up the space.

I'm happy when you're happy. So, I'm pretty darn happy right now. Yes, now. 

I've got to admit that I'm also a little bit jealous. Sure, my work space is, indeed, covered in my art work, it is also covered in a lot of other stuff. For example:

This, my friends, is as tidy as it gets in my studio. 

I can't make my workspace pristine, but I can certainly make sure you have art that will make your heart sing and your spirits soar. From bright prints to happy paintings, find your exuberance.

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