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About Amantha Tsaros

 Everything is going to be okay. 

The rough seas and disruptions; Unpleasant surprises through devastating loss. Just keep moving.

I've been there. Now, I paint it.

Art is a window onto moments of peace and a reflection of our resilience.





About Amantha Tsaros

Embarrassingly overexcited artist and art fan with an obnoxious addiction to joy.

I fiercely believe that everything will turn out for the best  - that our challenges and searing pains become strength, beauty and blinding positives.

I paint as if I am being chased and work on many projects simultaneously. I get up at 5:00 am to work in the studio. I cover every surface of the floor and tables with art. It is a take no-prisoners, get crazy method of tapping into the energy I want to share with you and with everyone.



My Pedigree

BFA & MFA from the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

Former Illustrator: illustrations have appeared in Esquire Magazine, the New York Times Review of Books and Strathmore Paper Products
Current work has been exhibited at the Massachusetts State House, Cary Memorial Library and many national exhibitions.